PlayStation Network to be Down for Maintenance on March 1 (Update: Postponed)



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Sweet i was looking forward to co-op dead island tomorrow. anyone wanna play?




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According to their Twitter feed it has been postponed.

"Update: Tomorrow's scheduled PSN maintenance has been postponed. We'll update everyone once it's rescheduled. Until then, game on."



I don't have a PS3, I pay for X-box Live, but in no way is this meant to be derogatory towards Playstation whatsoever - PSN is free and all, and besides the Anon hack, I've never seen it go down, but in all honesty either, has there been a time when XBL has gone down? I can't say I've been there the whole time for such things, but I've rarely (if any) seen anytime M$ has made a post about XBL being down. Regardless of paying for XBL, I'm content at my $36ish a year ( thank you Amazon!) I have felt there has been less to worry about being online besides per specific online game.


Peanut Fox

It did the first holiday year, and every so often they take it down for maintenance. Nothing on the scale of what happened/ing to PSN, but it's not been up 100 percent of the time.



Thanks for the heads-up

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