Playstation 3 Helps Sony Win Blu-ray War and Lose $3 Billion



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They can suck my left nut for all I care.  The only thing blue ray is good for is backing files up, no game takes up 60 gb of space, so blue ray is pretty much useless for games.



Blu-ray is good for backup? Well, not really. I did a quick search on and found that the cheapest Blu-Ray drive is about $200 and the media is about $10 each for a 25 gb disc (or $35 for 50gb media). Or I found this 2tb external hard drive for $209.99. Now lets see, 25gb's or 2,000gb of rewritable space? And what if you get a coster? And not to mention barely anyone has Blu-ray in their pc.

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