Playstation 3 Has Strict Video Rental DRM



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...........yet another reason to NOT buy a PS3!  As if cost, reliability, lack of good games, and sheer UNOBTAINABILITY weren't enough to drive would-be game buyers right into Microsoft's and Nintendo's arms!   Keep your freaking rootkits and your DRM, Sony!



Hypothecally, if I were the pirating type I would only pirate stuff that has this on it (Read Spore, music, other stuff like that).  I shouldn't have to go thorugh all the crap they say is to prevent the same thing I would be doing.  It's like buying a car and them saying you can't let anyone else drive it because you paid for it.  Once it is paid for it is your property and you should be able to do with it what you please. And if I feel like deleting the movie every night and downloading it back the next day I should have that right because I paid for it.



As DRM goes it all sucks,  but certain kinds really suck.  The kind where you can't back it up and you get a one time redownload really suck.  Sony could have easily tied the DRM to the console that downloaded it and allowed redownloads to sate the movie industry,(like on xbox live) but they didn't.  Sony's completely onboard with screwing its customers.  They both don't care at all about consumers only their money.  Even Microsoft is more consumer friendly in this respect. In fact you can even download on multiple xboxs because the download is tied to your xbox live account not your console.  Way to go MS



just as much as the MPAA does. Its quite funny how DRM is so easily removed by those who don't pay for it but the users who buy it get screwed. Its like when you buy a DVD and you get that 'you wouldn't do *insert crime* so why steal a DVD' nonsense while those that illegally download it don't.

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