PlaySpan Gets $16.8 Million to Make MMOs Even Worse



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This MMO magic bullet "idea" has really pushing my buttons. Why cant they at least be more like Maplestory and have you pay for things that dont affect gameplay. What has gotten into these poeple lately?! This is sick and discusting.

(Sorry about my emotional outburst; Its been bottled up for quite some time)



I don't mind Micros Tranactions in MMO as long as the addition arent game breaking or required to "win" City of heroes gives you 8 character slots +1 for evvery year of play and you can buy more with micros. Or buy the cyborg pack for 3 extra aura (but the game gives you 50 auras for free) and a suicide power that does decendent dammange but well you die. Thats micro transactions, they enhance the gane not rule it

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