Playbook Price Cut, $300 Made Permanent — Too Little Too Late?



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Um...what do you do with these things? "Surf" the web and read books, right? Email?



This is where I start favoring the Amazon Kindle Fire. A decently sized portable device for reading, web browsing and getting emails while being quite affordable.



Would only be interested in this if it were $99 for the 16GB model. Its seriously not worth its current price(or capacity cuz you'll NEVER have enough content on it to fill it up) Shame on RIM for this half baked attempt at a tablet.



After seeing the $200 price reduction, I snagged one too.  I know of a few people who did this..  Pretty sure that RIM will report some pretty good sales after this week despite not making as much profit per unit.

A buddy of mine works actually works on the OS development team so I got to see some of the new updates in action.  I'm sold.


Holly Golightly

Rim has done it. I am gonna get the Blackberry Playbook 64GB WiFi. This is a must have for me now.



$200 less than a 64GB iPad 2...not a bad price point. I wasn't impressed when I messed with it on a store display, but we'll see if it improves


Holly Golightly

The Blackberry playbook feels right to hold. The iPad is too big, and I have to hold it with 2 hands. The design of the iPad feels a bit too plain. It feels incredibly fragile and very manly in dimensions. The Playbook, I can easily tuck away in my purse. It is small enough for me to hold with 1 hand, or I can type with both hands if I feel like. Overall, I was absolutely impressed with the Playbook. 

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