Play Now, Pay Never? Final Fantasy XIV Goes Free Indefinitely



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To call Final Fantasy XIV's launch "disastrous" might be a bit of an understatement. Hell, we may have even gone with “cataclysmic” if another obscure MMO didn't already have the market cornered on that one.

I was expecting to see Age of Conan at the end of that link.




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I really don't think the spam filter freaking works.  Anybody with me?



I love the suggestion.  Keep cut scenes and scrap the rest.  LOL...AMEN.  I bought the CE of this game, and have never been more disappointed by any other mmo.  And I thought WAR would hold that disappointment title for me, but at least I played that monstrosity for a month.  I couldn't take FFXIV for more than a couple weeks.  Cut scenes, graphics, and character customization are awesome and that was about it.  Lack of loot, retarded crafting system, and a grinding format combined with confusing ai made this a bust for me too.  Too bad, cuz I wanted so much more.  Oh well, no QQ from me.  Cataclysm has filled my mmo void and more.  AND HOW!!!



If they really want to fix the game, one of my suggestions is give the NPCs who give & receive quests icons so you know that that's what they are there for.  I got into the last part of the Beta before launch and ended up quitting because I had no idea what I was supposed to do, where I was supposed to go, etc.



i agree, or maybe we are just spoiled from " ! " =)



but it is a lazy man's MMO. Or at least it was before Cataclysm (I haven't played WoW in a few months). The trouble with FFXIV isn't that it's for hardcore only players... it's that they tried to make it appeal to both hardcore and casual players. I think they've successfully done this with FFXI over the last three years... but they started with a hardcore MMO and softened it over time while keeping most of the hardcore elements. SE needed to pick one for XIV but didn't which is what makes it full of fail.



and I have to say I don't agree, even the 30 mins of cut scenes (well what little I saw) weren't that great.

I spent 2 days downloading the POS and less then 4-5 hours playing. I wouldn't have even racked up that much time, but between the cut scenes, and the overly complicated, map system, NPC interaction system, zoning system, quest acquiring system, etc I spent half the time just trying to get a feel for the game. By the time I was finally kind of comfortable I went to the first quest hub to get to the meat of the game.

Man there was some slim pickings. First off timed quests that if not completed in time have to wait 24 hours to try again? To make it even worse you could only do one quest at a time. The quest map wasn't very helpful because even though you could only do one quest at a time, and only certain mobs would count for the quest, it would still high light all the mobs for all your quests. To make things worse you could only even attack mobs that were connected to the quest. I spent so long trying to kill mobs and being told I couldn't. Why? Because only three mobs in the entire area counted towards the quest and I had to find them first. Great a timer and I have to run around like a moron trying to kill the right mobs before it ran out?

Questing was bad, but the combat system was worse. To this day I'm still not too sure how I even killed what mobs I did. I was an archer but I couldn't use long range shots. WTF?? I had to get close, but I could only kill, I think, when the planets aligned. It just sucked.

There was no way I was going to even try to get into the game to a point where I could actually start bug hunting. It just wasn't worth the blood, sweat, and tears this game was producing in me.

IMHO the game was created with one purpose. To be the most hardcore MMO ever. Where the only people who could understand the systems and actually level up to see end game content would feel so uber that they not only could look down their collective noses at all the people struggling to play the game but every one playing any other MMO as well. I'm sure all 27 of them would feel so great that it would make up for the fact they still lived in they're parent's basement. 

As for fixing it? Can't happen. It's not surface flaws and lack of polish to makes the game stink so bad. It's flaws go right to the bone,and I say kill it... kill it quick. Then we can all pretend it never really happened.

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