Play Crysis Warhead Multiplayer For Free Next Weekend



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digital demon

I highly advise anyone who is the slightest bit interested in trying out Crysis Wars to do so. It rules!

If you played the first Crysis, you will be absolutely amazed how much better it runs. On the same system I had to run the first one at 1280x1024 and medium settings, I'm running Warhead at 1920x1200 with a mix of high and very high settings and getting 30-60 FPS. It's like a whole new game at those settings!



There are a few types of non comercial (don't sell, just use or store) pirates.  One would be the hoarders.  These people just pirate to say they have it.  They don't care that of the 6934 games /software on their system they have only used about 1/69th of them.

Then there are the people who have no money and strap together hardware, tweak what they can to get a geforce 3 to run tf2.  These guys pirate to play, cause they have no way to pay.  I say leave this category alone.  I must admit, I came from that camp (though admittedly back in the Q2 days) and like the First responder, I haven't pirated a game since I came into financial stability... (yes in this economy there are a few of us...)

The crackers are just doing everyone a favor.  I think they would belong to the "Because I can" group.  However, I really think we should leave these guys alone too.  I hate DRM, and my money WILL NOT GO to DRM schemes.  Except Steam, Steam works only because it is so incredibly convenient for those of us who have a network conn 24/7 which today is like all of us.

I think the productivity guys got it right.  Guess who thinks that piracy is fine as long as you pirate thier software and not a competitors?  BIG guys like Microsomething and the makers of the famous software whos name is now synonomous with editing a digital picture.  These guys know that if you use thier software at work, you'll want to use it at home, and to use it at work, you have to be proficient in it to get hired.  It's a vicious catch 22 because often the cost is prohibitive.  There are free alternatives, but I don't see GIMP or OpenOffice on anyone's resume.  They work, that's great, but they don't work at work. 

Microsoft is working w/ corporations all the time, and recently have started a home use program where you can buy their office apps for $20!  A fair price indeed for the level of use and support that is there.  It's licensed fodsr you to use while you are employed for whatever corp MS worked the deal on.  Win/Win ftw!  So much for me being an anti MS guy...However Productivity apps are usually long running stable titles, so they will now be excluded from my writing.

For games, somethings got to give.  Here is my unique perspective that just makes me wonder.

Hardware is cheap, but the games are expensive.  From a console perspective & from the PC side, the hardware costs are about equal.  You really only need to take a decent productivity machine and add a video card... This generalization is not meant to start a flame war!  Hardcore gamers would disagree on this, I know, but bear w/ me i am trying to level the playing field between us ELITE and the console people.  $45-$60 per game is out of reach for most parents, and that's the minimum price for a tank of gas where I live.  In tough times, entertainment dollars dry up.  We need to take the Sting out of purchasing games. 

This makes kids whose parent's saved up all year for johnny's PS3 or a decent video card go out and find ways to get the games cheaper.  Either by trading games via sneaker net (an old favorite of mine) or getting a rom chip, or buying used. 

 Game devs need to support their product.  In my opinion, this is why WoW stayed at the top for so long.  The blizz guys took a product that was pretty cool at release.  They had flaws, it was full of issues, but they worked on it, creating a patch, and patched and patched some more, constantly checking and reviewing feedback. They built an empire on an the back of a pretty fun franchise that made pennies in comparison (and inflation adjusted)  People will allways find something to bitch about, and my only complaint is that I am dependant on add-ons to play.  (CT/Titan)

Console games are not developed for PC in a 1:1 fashion, and many console games are exclusive to a particular console.  A true gamer has a conundrum here.  Even a well to do gamer has to choose between systems, or sacrifice his kidney for all 3 consoles and a computer. 

How much do you pay for a movie? Ecluding the privledge of first view?  20 bucks for right of first ownership?  I never understood why it is more expensive to own a DVD of IronMan than it is to go see the movie in a Digital THX theater?  oh and $3.99 to rent. 

For a game, the costs have gotten out of control to develop, gamble on (invest), and purchase.    Unlike a movie, there is no "weekend Test" to see how it's going to sell. There used to be but liscensing issues and costs shut down a lot of game centers. What they are doing here could change the game dramatically for PC game developers.  Consoles seem to be O.K. w/ renting at all the local chains in my area.  Despite it being just as trivial to copy.  The PC game makers need to get over their fear of piracy, and roll w/ it. Make games available for "the weekend" for 1/2 price, paying other half for the full version If the games rock, the good people who want to play it will buy it.  If it sucks, who made the decission to ride it into the grave?  (move past alpha?)

THERE ARE ONLY 11 TYPES OF PEOPLE IN THIS WORLD. Those that think binary jokes are funny, those that don't, and those that don't know binary



I haven't pirated a game since I was in college. I'm 28 now.


Keith E. Whisman

Actually this isn't all that new of an idea. MMO's have been offering short term tryouts of games for a long time now. Remember Star Wars Galaxies offered something like 15days of free trial.



I can understand downloading a cracked copy to try it out.  I would feel bad if I continued playing, however.






I Second this.


Keith E. Whisman

Man and here I just finished the game. Not very long but it was alot of fun. Going to go back to Crysis and Far Cry until Far Cry 2 comes out.



I personally think this is the best idea a game maker has had in a really long time. I hate it when I go out and buy a game, and I really just can't get into it, and I feel like I just waisted $50, and there is no way to get that back, it is scenarios like that which make pirating look more apealing, a full three day trial period for all new games I think would greatly reduce piracy, I know I would never pirate any game again.



"So, those of you who pirate games for "demo purposes," will temporary
full access to a game put an end to your swashbuckling ways?"





I'm going to miss it crap

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