Play Armchair Electrician with Asus' Voltage-Tweakable EAH5800 Series Graphics Cards



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Very true even the points have are so close. Then what's the point buy a HD 5850 and overclock it and there you have a HD 5870 but not just that the HD 5850 has 1440 shaders and HD 5870 has 1600 shaders even if you clock them the same there still should be different results in gaming.



the 5850 is cheaper, that's why people would choose to buy the cheaper card and overclock it for "free" performance gains :) 

"Life is about living, not stressing" - a very smart girl :)



You're right, the numbers were off. Asus' press release wasn't laid out very well, but here's how it breaks down:

EAH5870 (GPU / Effective Memory)
850MHz/4800MHz ---> 1035MHz/5200MHz with increased voltage

EAH5850 (GPU / Effective Memory)
725MHz/4000MHz ---> 1050MHz/5200MHz with increased voltage

-Paul Lilly

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