Plastic Logic Shelves eBook Reader Plans (for Now)



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Not surprising. $600 for an eReader? Not even Sony's $300 eReader is fairing well. With Amazon's new Kindle releasing at the end of this August, for a mere $140, with a very strong backbone from Amazon, Amazon's only competition could be from Apple's iPad.


Keith E. Whisman

There are a lot of great deals on Craigslist for every reader you can imagine. Nooks, Sony, Kindle, and everything else. People get these as gifts or buy them and don't like them and then sell them on Craigslist for around a $100 bucks or so. I just got a Kindle 2 with 3G for $125 bucks, it was only 2months old without a scratch on it. Make sure to contact the associated ereader company to make sure it's Serial number isn't stolen so you can use it. 

I love my Kindle. The guy told me he didn't like having to get all his books from Amazon. I didn't correct him with that and took the Kindle 2 with a smile on my face. 

So if you can't afford a new one then check out Craigslist because there are a lot of great deals like that. Also make sure to meet at a public place like a Best Buy or something to make your transaction. Try to look suspicious to look like your buying drugs so the security guards go nuts.. It's funny as hell.

Like in the store when you looking around look for a security guard and stare him in the face with a shocked expression and quickly turn around and start running.. LOL... They'll think you did something wrong. You can't get in trouble for minding your own business and running from a security guard for no reason. If a cop asks just say you ran because you wanted to. 

Well that last part had nothing to do with the subject, so uh, get an ereader if you call yourself a nerd or geek, there great!



Peanut Fox

I don't know Keith.  You've got a lot of advice going on in your post.  Not all of which I can say is good. ;)

How are you liking the Kindle?


Keith E. Whisman

The kindle is pretty damn great. I had the Sony Touch EReader for an hour. I took it back to Fry's Electronics and got my money back. The screen on the Sony readers are just too reflective to the point you can't read anything on them.  My Kindle doesn't have that problem and as I said it was much cheaper as I got it second hand but it was hardly used so it's pretty new. I've got 36 books loaded up on it right now, mostly math books to help me get up to speed on math. I tested really low on math and really only want to spend one semester in remedial math. 

The Kindle allows you to read many different ebook standards such as PDF. The Kindle allows you to increase the size of the text and allows you to view the text on the kindle horizontally. I'm really impressed with the thing. 

Reading ebooks on the kindle is far better then reading on my laptop. I can lay back and read my kindle in bed, try that with your laptop. And there's no eye strain with the kindle like that from the 60hz LCD on your laptop.  The text is sharp and easy on the eyes at all sizes. You have to get one.


Peanut Fox

I've played with my mother's Kindle.  She has the older DX.  The view is pretty much exactly as you describe.  I'm really just torn on weather or not I want the Kindle or if I'd rather just spring and grab a tablet with a Pixel Qi screen.  Maybe things will seem clearer come January.  Tons of folks will have gotten Kindles they don't want for Christmas and maybe I'll follow suit.

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