Plantronics GameCom Commander Headset Uses Military Grade Noise Cancelling Technology



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I'm doing some paperwork with a "military-Grade" skillcraft at the moment.

It sucks.



$300, military-grade noise cancelling ... sounds enticing but from the looks of it, there's some cheap plastic in the design which means it'll crack (and probably break) after 6 months.



I'm getting a headache just looking at that monstrosity.



Very nice I'm sure, but I'd like to get real reviews on the actual sound from these things. For $299, they'd need to sound great to justify that price.
'Pro' and enthusiast gamers have done just fine with previous generations of headsets, so these would really need to stand out for a gamer to choose between either getting a new vid card or a headset for the same price. These are the same price as a new 660ti right now... I'd choose the video card. I just bought a perfectly fine headset for ~$80 and it sounds great!

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