Pirates Pillage CoD: Black Ops More than Any Other Game



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But aren’t developers/publishers claiming that the reason they aren’t developing for the PC is due to rampant piracy on the PC - implying that there is not such concern for consoles?  So if it’s being pirated for the Xbox et. al. doesn’t that mean it’s not the system but the user (READ thief) that is to blame?  I don’t know.  My ignorance on all things pirate is limitless.  Shame on me for actually paying for my stuff.  I’m such a noob.



Yeah, and and if I'm not mistaken, the same source said Avatar was the most pirated movie this year.

Both Avatar and Black Ops made money in quantities beyond the comprehension of most people. Both broke records.

I don't pirate games, (who needs to, if I'm curious about a game I just wait until they're a few bucks on Steam) but it's pretty clear to me that the industry is doing better than it ever has. There will always be people who don't want to pay for games, but they're the type who don't buy them anyway.




There always seems to be some piracy advocate who disagrees with the reports and says piracy is not that bad despite the facts...



Not a "Piracy Advocate" so much as I believe the effects are exaggerated and as a result I often have to deal with awful DRM.

As I've said before, I buy my games. I don't like when my games have terrible DRM on them. DRM the pirated versions don't have, so I'd seemingly get a better product by not paying the developer.

I used to know a guy who'd copy VHS tapes he rented from the store. I thought he was a weirdo. These people have always been around. I'm tired of being told they're something new destroying the industry.

Black Ops was a hugely successful game. People are willing to buy it, and people have been buying it. Most of us aren't cheapskates who will pirate instead of buying. The fact that it's such a pirated game, and it's still amazingly successful, is testament to that.




I honestly don't know why it would be the highest, maybe the single player since its actually pretty good for once. But in my opinion i just bought this, and i'm greatly disappointed...the new ''balancing'' system is REALLY poor.If i knew it was going to be a bad version of BFBC2 i wouldn't have bought it. Original COD gameplay is WAYYY better.



Can the pirated versions (Black Ops) be played online? If MP is disabled it seems pointless.



MP is playable

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