Pirate Bay Trials Sails into Swedish Court Today



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An update to the trial here:




Pirate Bay did not pirate a thing.  They just set up an area where the users can do as they wish.  Sueing Pirate Bay is like sueing an owner of a building b/c someone put up copyrighted/trademarked graphity on the wall.


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Why are they pursuing this charges when Pirate Bay is NOT the ONLY one who offers copyrighted materials. Name a fex like Mininova, Demonoid and other torrent sites. I only remember when Napster first introduce to download free music, but look at now, we now have limewire & frostwire and other free stuff to download. So why do this when there are others as well?


nsk chaos

i believe this is similar to what happened in The Crucible. i know this might wierd because im relating this issue with literature but its relevant (in my point of view). when john proctor was forced to sign the form, the judges wanted to post it so everyone in the town can see it. they wanted to use this as a sign that they can topple even one of the toughest man in the town. by doing this they have established a sense of power.

just like here. if you say pirate bay is one of the most well known and most largest torrent site, then if this case succeds, a domino effect might occur. in this manner, all the rest of the smaller sites will begin to close.

who knows if this is what is gonna happen. but if what i predict is true, then torrents around the globe will have issues along with the sites.

for those of you who do not know what The Crucible is, look it up and do not be lazy. its a boring book though but ill help you understand my point. 



I know 2 years and $140,000 is a lot, but it doesn't seem like much for being probably THE LARGEST torrent site for illigal copywrited material.  It is one of the most well known torrent sites, and it kind of seems just like a slap on the wrist for such a huge thing they do.



It's sad that intellectual property is pirated in the first place, but remain it to say that it does happen.

I personally don't condone the act of piracy, but it's going to happen in today's electronic age. The sad part is you can close down Pirate's Bay, but two more will pop-up tomorrow.

P2P downloading is almost a given. People no more feel guilty about downloading music or movies, than they do when they do 80 mph in a 65 mph zone. It just happens guilt free...doesn't say much for society, does it?



Keith E. Whisman

These lawsuits accomplish nothing. I don't think the judge is going to award much of anything in the civil suit but they probably will have to shut the site down. But it'll be back like last time and like Demonoid.com that is back up and running and torrentit.com is back up and running under a different name but largly the same people. As for me I am a member of those pirate sites but like Bill Clinton I'm going to claim that I did not inhail so I didn't brake any laws while downloading because I didn't get high.



I have mixed feelings about this. I do support the idea that content is information, not property, and that informaition should be free, but I don't support the action The Pirate Bay has taken to show their idea. Personally, I support the underground organizations that challenge authority, because of thier motive, not their actions. Well, some of their actions. But it doesn't matter, The Pirate Bay isn't going anywhere, even if they are found guilty, and I hope that those corporations don't get a cent out of them, because of thier motive.



who knows if this is what is gonna happen. but if what i predict is
true, then torrents around the globe will have issues along with the



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