Pirate Bay On the Lam? Mother Says He's Just Sick



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TPB is where I get my wallpapers (I am a wallpaper fanatic). I just don't watch movies anymore, I don't need to pirate software, and I am happy with getting tunes from Amazon. 

However,  this (http://thepiratebay.org/legal; read through them when you have time) is evidence that TPB blatantly allows for piracy. TPB kind of brought it on themselves.

Oh, well, I might have to resort to Google Images for wallpapers if TPB goes the way of LimeWire.

The comment below: It would make matters much worse. Not showing and staying in bed is small apples compared to fleeing the country and becoming the world's most wanted.



Wallbase.net is great for wallpapers in virtually any res. I tend to avoid Pirate Bay for torrents, I use various other site- I mean, torrent? Who me?



He is the smartest one why fuck off at a biased court hearing when you can just leave the country. He must have been the primary brain behind the pirate bay...

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