Pirate Bay Co-Founder Envisions Peer-to-Peer DNS System



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....let the users decide which to use.  The current system has "lack of personal privacy" problems and the P2P option has "lack of security" issues, which is pretty much the same thing.  It seems that the only difference is in WHO gets to snoop on my privacy.  Personally, with all the net neutrality cr*p and all the crazy insane lawsuits that have been going on, I'm not too sure which would be worse.  :/


Keith E. Whisman

If only big brother would allow that to happen.



I had this same idea a while ago, although it was just one of those things that's like "y'know it would be cool if..." and then you forget about it until somebody else makes alot of cash off of it


Talcum X

They stole my idea of vibrating phone batteries (Back in the analog days when the Moto 5150 was king)

and the trayless, cattyless CD drive for you computer that mimics the one in your car (soon after intorduced by Pioneer)


Derek Fredette

This is a great idea.  It's a way to keep the power in the hands of the masses instead of the governers.  This is not Plato's Reublic, this world in which we live.  An open source, landless internet would create a truly new frontier, one without governance.  I love it!

I'm intrigued that there is no mention of how he plans on bypassing the lookup tables, though.  As far as vision is regarded, it is great, but the means of doing it may not be as elegant as the idea.


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