Pioneer Shows 400GB Blu-ray Disc, Promises 1TB Disc by 2013



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Well... xbox 360 is 8gb DL dvd-disks... that is NO big jump from 4gb dvds... ID software's rage had to remove a lot of content from their game for console gamers.... its a shame. does anylike feel the same. and i wasnt thrilled with the xbox360 and playstation 3 consoles when they came out because frankly i was used to pc gaming which is better but grandly expensive as hell. lol i hope the next game console SSD technology so we dont have to deal with those annoying loading screens. (too much expressing/talking) lol sry


Talcum X

 Then the industry would come fill circle, back to the "cartrage" days.  At least they cant be scratched, and I would think that they would be smaller.  Hell, they are already thinking music albums and movies on these things, why not.


Every morning is the dawn of a new error.

"In Ireland, there are more drunks per capita than people."  -  Peter Griffin



ID later came back and said a lot of content had NOT been removed, but that they had just melded the content into fewer zones. But yes, it was altered because of console restrictions.



what i would like to know is how long it would take to burn 400gb and with most peoples hdd not even 1TB how could you fill a 1TB disc



i like that asian girl better than the 400 GB disc :D


Number Six

I'd like to see what the disc looks like...



Can I get a free asian hottie with my order?  I will return her slightly used but in like new condition if necessary.



You can get one assuming all but 20% of her body is in like new condition, the other 80% needs to be in like new condition, while the remaining 20% can be in any condition


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