Phone Survey: Half of U.S. Adults Haven't Heard of Windows 8



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1200 was the sample size? lol


Duck Dodgers

Meh, how many average Americans even NEED to know what their OS is? It's easy for all of us to poke fun, but on some car forum right now are a bunch of people stunned that the average American doesn't know what the gear ratios are in their transmissions. Some people care to know, others do not. Not all that surprising to me.


Sir Hobbes3

I know people who i've fixed computers for and they don't even understand half the random stuff they have on their computer! One person had 4 browsers (IE, FF, Chrome, and Safari) and had 3 AV programs (the McAfee that appeared to have come with the PC, a newer Norton program, and PCDoctor) Heck, most people don't understand what the difference between XP and 7 (or even vista) is!!



Wow what a pointless survey.

Most people I know don't know the difference between XP and 7.

Heck to MOST people Windows is just Windows.



In some cases, people doesn't even know what "Windows" even is.



Most people have no clue what an OS is and they can almost never tell me which OS they're using. Most people don't know the difference between Windows and Office.
To them a computer is an appliance and the software running on it is just like magic.


I Jedi

I will agree to that. People I fix computers for are often times very ignorant of what OS they're using, programs, etc. They know just enough to get what they want done, but beyond that, everything else alludes them. This is just my experience in the field, though.



This is why Win8 will be the OS for the future...starting right now.

When people buy new computers, they'll see a UI that's easy to get their mind around because it's not much different than their phone.



Yeah, I can imagine people calling you saying "Something's wrong with my Internet" and you might ask what what browser they're using, and they ask "What's a browser?" *facepalm*

Personally, I usually take the effort to explain things in better detail for them to understand enough without overwhelming them. Of course, if they knew enough they wouldn't need us in the first place.



It seems as though Microsoft's Windows OS has become a comodity. A beast of burden. People use it because they have to use something... And instead of being excited about using it, they just want it to work. Kind of like the Dodge Caravan in the driveway... People have them because they need one. As the saying goes, you can't polish a turd (no disrespect for Caravan owners, I'm sure they are lovely but if you had a choice of anything less practical, I'm sure you'd jump on it).

Whereas people still see Macs (iPads and iPhones) as toys and therefore look forward to new releases to see what has changed and whats been added/improved. Microsoft just doesn't have that stigma.



Same problem they had with Zune and Windows Phone 7.

I would reckon a good portion of people with Winphone have no idea what OS they have. All they know is they bought the cute blue one from the AT&T store.



Surveys like this need to be taken with a grain of salt. How many people CARE or NEED to know about Windows 8? My 85 year old aunt doesn't.

Was at Best Buy today to check out Windows 8 and I wish I never heard of it either. What a train wreck it is. How do you access the Control Panel? No one at Best Buy knew. Windows 8=PITA.

Forget about how many people know about Windows 8. What's upsetting to me is 20% of people surveyed think the sun revolves around the earth and 45% don't know how many days there are in a year.



Unless you want to drown yourself in a bottle of whiskey from disappointment, don't look up the statistics on belief in evolution in the US...



If I surveyed everyone I know, I doubt 50% of them would know what windows 7 is, even the ones using it.



"You can lead the horse to water, but you can't make it drink."

Doesn't matter how "aggressive" you advertise. If people don't want to change they very well won't. Further compounded that very few people know it's even out yet. Still, it's only been about 3-4 days since it's official release.

Not to mention there's still some bugs they need to work out so it would be best to wait at least a month before upgrading to W8.



To be fair, 50% of my clients(IT for a college campus' staff/faculty) can't tell you if they're running XP or 7.

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