Phishing Game Underscores Need for Better Security Education



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High score :P

I wish I knew how that guy "Scammer" modified his score, I tried modifying the HTTP headers but it never worked D: (as you can see by the subsequent scores afterwards lol).



As a start, I have tried explaining the importance of looking for https: to the tech-impaired I know, but many don't even know what a URL bar is. I think the easiest thing to do is just say, "Never enter personal information", but that's easier said than done. They might forget, or they might not believe you, or they just might want to flat-out ignore you.

Kind of OT, but I think it's hilarious when newbies install those fake, rogue "antivirus" programs, especially when they already have one! I also get aggravated, explaining that those "scans" and "threat detection" windows are fake, and have nothing to do with the state of protection on that computer. I have had that happen a few times when using Ubuntu, with XP or Vista/7-like dialogs doing a "scan". I almost fall off my chair laughing.

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