Philips Unveils Force Feedback Jacket at 2009 World Haptics Convention



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This idea would probably be really cool if it was done right. With a perfectly fitting body suit and high end VR equipment it would probably be as close as well come any time soon to true full virtual immersion. But the truth is, noones going to spend $5k dollars on a suit and VR equipment. So if this makes it to market it will probably be a $200 wearable version of the old massage chair accessory that your mom bought you for christmas when she was at the dollar store.



Does it come in a Speedo?




Does it come in fat guy triple XL?  I sure hope so, and on that note, how many actuators will fat guy triple XL have?  Also, do we really have to look like tron when wearing our force feedback jackets.  Can't it just look like a regular jacket.

Also, I bet that guy smells AWFUL.  thanks for your time.



now you can experience what it's like to get hit by Shin Akuma's 20-somthing hit killer combo...or a fireball, your choice.

i wonder how much something like that is going to cost. maybe they should have made it a vest, instead. not to mention the vibration of the feedback. ROFL at the thought of it needing a charge station, or attached USB cable for charging. might work better on the WII than anything else.



So, how long before this is used in porn?



i think that guy should worry more about that mass of fungal hyphae coming out of his head instead of what jacket to wear



dreadlocks are the official hardcore programmer gear! The fungus is working just as much as the head below FYI...



Long Live Locks !!!!!



Yay, now when you get beat up for wearing expensive products such as this, it can force feedback what it feels like to be kicked in the side when you are on the ground. Awesome!

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