Philips Shows Off Its Snazzy Touchscreen Remote



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Just a larger screen version of the Logitech Harmony 1000, which means a larger price point as well. The Harmony can control anything that uses IR including your laptop and desktop computer. I will stick with my Harmony thank you very much.



The Pronto series is so far ahead of the Harmony it's not even funny. The fact you think they are the same means you have no clue what you are talking about.

While the Harmony series is still crippled by the programming interface from an 8 year old design, the Pronto series offers a blank slate to do anything. Create your graphical style and layout any way you wish, drag and drop IR programming, javascript programming, internet connectivity, two-way control with visual feedback, unlimited macros ... Want to see the weather or news on your remote? You can. Want to watch videos on your remote screen? That too. The list is endless.

If you want a touch screen remote that offers almost zero customization and forces you to have your hand held through pages of Harmony screens just to add an IR command to a sequence, then Harmony is for you. if you want a remote that allows you to basically do anything, any way you like using dedicated software that allows you to make complex adjustments in a snap, then the Pronto is the way to go.



well said indeed.  I'm perfectly content with my harmony, and don't think I will look into getting one of these. 

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