Philips Pushes Out a New Lineup of HDTVs



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It's been a couple years now, and I'm kinda surprised how ambilight technology hasn't caught on. All it is, is just a set of LED lights that light up the costs is pretty much negligible to incorporate into - IMO. I bought some blue-LED backlighting strips at the auto-store and putted them on the back of my flatscreen to see whether it would create the illusion of a better picture viewing experience. And I'll have to say, the pictures do seem to look better. It's just an illusion, but nontheless, it does improve the viewing experience.


Peanut Fox

Maybe ambient light technology is patented by Philips.  If thats the case and Phillips is the only company supplying units with this ability.  The reason your not seeing it so much is because Phillips isn't moving nearly as many HD sets as Samsung, Toshiba, Sony, or Panasonic.  

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