Philips: LEDs Shine Bright on 5 Percent of the Lighting Market



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 I have yet to use an LED light bulb but I have extensively used Led lights and LED rope lights all over the place. Orangetreetrade has 1" on center 3/8" LED rope lights that use only a watt per foot (I measured them on a Kill-a-Watt). Two 10 footers on the stairs, lining my living room crown moulding, outside on the deck, by the driveway, front door, inside my sunporch. The rest of the house I use compact florescents with a on/off touch switch for Xmas trees from Amazon (truevalue actually cheaper). My computer desk is crowded with LED lights from IKEA to light the keyboard and mouse and light behind the monitor. There is only three incadescent light bulbs in the house, one in my fridge, one in the oven, and one on a dimmer for my bed reading light.

 I have converted all interior lighting in my two cars to LEDs also. HIDs for the headlights and LEDs for the tailights.

 Don't forget there are other types of lighting coming out besides LEDs. CFLs,HIR,PLN, and ESL ar all being persued by the US and foreign governments.

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