Philips Leads the Charge for 3D on Blu-Ray



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So does this mean they will be developing 3d and blu-ray combos or a 3d tv themselves? I'm assuming the former. But with the performance of 3d screens out now, that won't be too attractive.



If Philips took all the money they're spending on R&D for this and instead put it towards dropping Blu-Ray movies to a reasonable average of $20 or so, the adoption rate would jump significantly.

Besides, when was the last time a floundering product saved itself just by slapping "Now with 3D!!" on the box?

EDIT: somebody posted a comment over at engadget this afternoon that says it best: "Ironic that the biggest competitor to [blu-ray] now is standard DVD's".  Of course they face competition overall from digital on-demand services as well, but in the fight for the dollar from the increasingly rare customer who will actually buy the physial media, standard DVD's aren't giving up their ground very fast



Until Blu-Ray offers something better than the upconverting DVD/players for a similar price, no amount of gimicks will make me want to change.



The bare bones of it is that, with an ecomony in the dumpster for the forseeable future, Blu-Ray is just too expensive for the average movie buff when compared to the alternatives.


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