Philips' "Cushion Speaker" is a Cushion and a Speaker for your Laptop



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Nice post! You have worked hard on jotting down the essential information. Keep sharing the good work in future too.

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"We haven't seen a product more aptly named since the PushPop, the tasty
treat from our childhood years. Now that we're all grown up, we prefer
to spend our ducats on computer parts than ice cream..."

Um, this might be a tad off topic, but a "Push Pop" was a lollipop/sucker/candy, not ice cream, unless you are familiar with an ice cream product I haven't heard of.


Laugh at life or life will laugh at you.

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that would be "Push up" orange sherbet and i liked them not push pop.



Wow.  Back in my day we called that a lap desk.  I used to do my homework on one when I got tired of sitting at my desk, or wanted to pretend to do algebra while watching TV in the living room.  Do you really need an external speaker when the laptop ones are pointing right at your head, as shown in the picture?  I'm 

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