Phantom Lapboard Seeks to Evade Vaporware Status by Shipping this Year



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Further insight reveals:

The LapboardPosted in Jim the Web Guy on November 10, 2008 by phantomadmin

I have been in contact with iONE and they have told me that after we approve the final artwork it will take 3 weeks to manufacter the boards. Good news there,I should have the artwork approved by end of week, then we have to airship them to our warehouse in the US.

 I’ll do my best to give you up-to-date news on when they arrive and when they can be purchased.

Half the order is in white and half in black. We have taken the liberty of upgrading the mouse since many were not satisfied with the previous solution. Anyway, I have much to update across the sites.

It also appears that December 08 will be the launch of the Phantom Game Store. Hopefully It'll be selling games. 


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