Pew: Smartphones Now More Popular than Feature Phones Among U.S. Adults



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During my last year in high school (2003) I was working and had a Viewsonic Pocket PC and a Motorola T720 (T-Mobile). From that point on I wished for a PDA with phone capabilities so that I would be able to make calls and browse the internet during my breaks.

2009 - 2010 was the last time I had a feature phone, the awesome LG Voyager then LG enV Touch. After seeing my brother's Moto Droid with Google Maps and close to desktop web browsing and emails I found feature phones to be lacking. Especially when i went away for auto race training and the navigation on the enV was horrible.

Now my HTC Thunderbolt gives me important emails from work, web browsing for down time, great mapping to find points of interest/ food/ gas, and of course phone calls. It took a while but I finally got what I've been asking for. I don't use my phone to stream videos or games though...



I got my first smartphone last month, a Droid Incredible 2 with Verizon. Had it about a day and realized, it's not so much a phone as it is a hand held computer with telephonic capabilities. Wish I had got one sooner.



That's how I feel about my Atrix and DROID Bionic. I plug a HDMI cable into them and they become (mostly) handheld computers. Gotta love Web-top.



I remember watching sales of just android handset sales balloon 55 million units in six months last year (5-11/11 155-190m) how many of them are just reading Yahoo horoscopes and filtered headlines instead of enabling growth?.

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