Pew Internet Calls Women the "Power Users" of Social Media



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Females use it as a way to assert "power" over others by stalking and gathering information so they can babble and gossip to eachother. Think about it. If your a female....what do you do mostly on fb? Check up on people and gossip. 


Facebook is a wormhole to a dimension where females can stay in a kind of highschool stasis for the rest of their lives.


........and men "Like" all the slutty pictures they post.


Holly Golightly

Hey, I am part of that age group and gender... But I do not use Social Networks regularly. I am boring, just rading up on the news as always. Although I should get in touch with my friends on vKontakte... It has been such a long time. But I am glad the internet is getting more popular for productive things. Thank goodness.

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