Petroglyph Chases "Victory" Through Kickstarter Campaign



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This has already been done.

"World in Conflict"

Started out strong but sucked. Rock Paper Scissors game design.
Players could just re-spawn lost squads, the game was not about strategy as much as it was about clicking on the specials faster than the other guy.

Rock Paper Scissors sucks, at least go with Rock Paper scissors Lizard Spock for a little more fun.

Whats Cool about world of tanks, is there is no respawn during a match.

Specials can be cool and all, but World in Conflict made it retarded. way to many "anywhere on the map" specials, or WMD specials.

getting up and tossing the chessboard off the table is not a winning move.



Petroglyph! I was wondering where they went.

FYI, they are the devs behind the only good Star Wars RTS (Empire At War), and it's a really great game even as its own RTS, Star Wars IP aside. This company knows what constitutes a good strategy game experience.



Another World War II game?!

I thought that BF 1942 was the "alpha and omega" of WW2 games, even though it is in a different genre. What is left to explore about tank battles in WW2 that other games haven't done?

If they wanted really fast (short duration) games, then they should have based this on the 6 day war or Desert Storm lol.



"Pave the way", sorry, their many years too late. It's nice but, nahhh, it's not. Dribble in my book. I still have company heroes and the endless mods for that game that can make that, look like this. HA!



Does it include the P. 1000 Ratte, the P. 1500 Monster, the Maus, the German jet aircraft, etc??? It should also include the Pak 44, and the Panzerfaust, which were both able to destroy basically any tank (except for the frontal armor of the Tiger II, nothing was able to pierce that).



Was sort of interested, but random, "card game" advancement style really turn me off after Mass Effect 3. Also the British Valentine II was 16 tons with minimal armor designed as a slow infantry support vehicle but listed as a heavy tank.

In general feels like a bad idea with Company of Heroes 2 on the horizon and Relic's history of changing the RTS formula. Perhaps they're depending on their MOBA appeal but I really find WWII to be a poor setting for symmetrical, balanced fights. The strategic philosophies of all the countries were so varied resulting in vast disparity of their respective equipment.

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