Peter Molyneux: PC Gaming "in Tatters," DRM "Ok" But Not Ok



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I love how the old exclusive PC devs (Carmack, Cliffy, Molynuex) appear to have blinders on and spout a bunch of B.S. untruths about PC gaming. I'm beginning to think Microsoft has paid them off.  MICROSOFT WANTS PC GAMERS TO SWITCH TO ITS CONSOLE, so don't put it past them. They get royalties for every 360 title that sells and zippy when  someone buys a pc game. You've seen what they've done to there PC gaming development.  Microsoft has become the grim reaper chasing pc gaming.



Does anyone here care that Fable was relased first on Xbox? Does anyone care if Fable 2 ever shows up on PC?

The games market is increasingly split between devs willing to invest time and care into a deep PC-based experience and those looking to churn out a shallow, retread, 10-hour moneymaker they can push on the clueless console consumer for $20 more than it's actually worth.

I'm happy to stick with the guys spending less money on games I actually want to play,



fake gordon mah ung

Black and White was a terrible game. They didn't need to put DRM on it because no one would bother to pirate it. Who cares what this guy has to say?



Is this guy in love with himself or what?



So he said that there arent many games for PC... now the people that say there ARE a lot, im not saying your wrong, im just saying there are more on the console.  And his idea about DRM, that comes from a developer standpoint, you shouldnt get mad about it since it is kinda true, they dont need to losen DRM they need to ether do away with it compleatly or keep it the way it is, if they keep DRM in games then they can keep feeling good about their games and therefore put out better games.  BUT until someone takes the plunge and puts a game out with NO DRM then they will not feel any different, now the only question is, if you walk in a room of 1,000,000 developers and ask if they would make a game without DRM, how many would honestly say yes?



That's already been done. See Stardock games (e.g. Sins of a Solar Empire). Made a profit with no DRM.



I guess I'm a mutant.  I've got Civilization for DOS and Windows 3.1.  I have Civ2 & 3 as well, but the minor differences between those two have discouraged my buying any of the newer vers.  I also just happen to like the original Windows game. 

I'm sure Microprose would have no problem acknowledging my legal license, ---what--- 13 years after purchase?  (Yes, I've mis-placed the manual --at the moment.)

My understanding is that Spore is more like Civ than COD...

I'd say we need a fingerprint verification of ownership, but how do you pick a finger?  What if you loose that hand? 

Why should it be impossible to re-sell a PC game you don't like, when you can a 360 game?  I guess this is EA's point, saying they want money from Gamestop & similar companies.  (I still think it's a cheap stunt.) 

If I stop playing & don't keep any copies, I should be able to re-sell or give it away-- and the next person, and the next, etc. 


I'm actually fine with DRM, if it doesn't impair my use of the software --too much, or grant the Publisher a right to withdraw my license because they'd rather sell me 2-5 more copies of the exact same thing.  They just don't seem to be able to pull these things off, without some guy breaking the system in 3 seconds.

 I guess if they want to start selling games for $5-10, the whole "limited life" thing makes sense.  Who really thinks EA's ever
going to do that, though?  If publishers think I'm only going to want
to play for 24 months or less, put your money where your mouth is.  I
could go for $5 for 30 days use...



Lol, I love how he's so decisive and unambiguous about it...

Condensed (paraphrased) Soup:

Well, I think DRM is okay...

But I understand why people are angry.

I mean, I hate DRM.






"There aren't that many releases on PC. There are some high points like Crysis and what Blizzard is doing, but other than that you are restricted to The Sims and World of Warcraft, they seem to be dominating the PC side."

Is he insane or uniformed? Left 4 Dead, Team Fortress 2, COD4, Warhammer Online, Fallout I nieve or what>?


Peanut Fox

True that those are alot of good titles, but when you consider that most of them also have consoul releases too it kind of demenishes them.  I would hope he ment exclusives? 



I think he is the crazy one. :-)


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