Penguin Grabs Stack of eBooks, Waddles Out of OverDrive Lending Service



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Bad Kharma

Just another company whose products I won't be purchasing.


The Baen Free Library is one of the best book schemes that I have ever come across. They give you a book or two from a series and hook you so that you go out and buy the remaining ones in the series. I have even purchased hard copies of the books that I have read as ebooks. I will remain a big fan of Baen because of this. What surprises me is that other publishers never tried this. From what I can tell, Baen has a pretty loyal following. The other thing that they do is sell the ebooks at a lower price than the hard copies to distinguish the difference in costs of production of the two different media.



money. Why give stuff to libraries for free when they can charge for them instead?

really, is there any other reason? can you imagine if there had been a mocrochip or mechanical page-turn counter back in the day which made physical books self-destruct after being read X number of times? because I'll bet that idea was floated more than once at the big publishing houses too as a way to make people pay for things more often. (planned obselescense anyone?)

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