Peek-A-Boo: Evga Offers Quick Glimpse of Its Upcoming X58 SLI FTW Motherboard



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Keith E. Whisman

Why so many DDR3 slots? We were told there would only be 4 with 3 reserved for Tri Channel. Is this kinda like doulbe tri channel then? Two sets of Three matched memory sticks for dual channel tri channel or tri channel in sli or whatever......



Keith, can you explain to my why you think that 2 sets of three channels is somehow not a perfectly natural extension of 2 sets of two channels (and think about how many boards today have 2 pairs of corresponding DDR2 slots...)?  This board's RAM slots make WAY more sense than that bizarre dual-tri hybrid that was going on.  I sincerely think that would've confused people a lot.



This mobo is not just for gamers but also for power users and 10sata ports could defently come in handy!



Whats the point of so meny SATA ports? I dont get it? Am I mising something? I dont see to meny gamers running multiple terabytes of storage. I wouldnt bother to assume its for a performance RAID array seeing as how motherboard RAID is a sham. Any real computer person wouldnt stripe a RAID without an add in card with at least 256MB of cashe. Preferably 512 and a 800MHz controller.


The only thing those connectors do is clutter an already unfrindly mobo. A black PCB makes things allot harder to see than they should be.



SATA ports are almost like USB ports, in that you can never had too many.  Hard drives, RAID configs, optical drives, and eSATA adapters all can make use of SATA ports.  Sure it would take an over-the-top rig to fill all 10 ports, but I'd much rather have too many than too little.



Dude, this will be awsome for Dream Machine becuase like three intel SSDs, three Velociraptors, and three of those 1.5 TB seagate drives.  With RAID on all of them.



10 SATA port is a good step (as well as a solid eVGA name), but I wonder if they are making this board truly next-gen, or will I face yet another parrallel port that no one is ever going to use on it?



I'm excited for Core i7. I could see it significantly setting AMD back even farther. However, the few benchmarks that have been posted over the web have been heavily truncated, so it doesn't seem like anyone outside of Intel and the board makers know exactly how well the chip is performing.

We'll have to see...mwhahaha.. (Yeah, I threw in a random evil laugh :P)

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