Peek Offering Leftover Devices to Hackers



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This is the email I got back with instructions on how to get a Peek for those of you still wondering...

Hey - we are psyched that you want to play with the Peek.

Sorry for the multiple mass mails but we got many thousands of requests and won't be able to read them all, even though we want to make sure everyone gets a reply of some kind.

WARNING Peek's platform is not easy to work on; playing around with Android or iPhone is actually 10x easier. The TI platform at the heart of Peek is the Nucleus OS from Mentor, written in C/C++, compiled with a pretty old c compiler. The Peek code that is on there and talks to the Peek servers, but you can just grab the chipset and do whatever you want. If you know what you are doing with ROMs, bootloaders, etc etc you could make some cool stuff. So you will fail unless you are experienced or extremely persistent.


send a prepaid label attached back with a from address of Peek, 33 w 17th street, ny ny 10011 to wherever you are
if you are overseas, it will be hard for you to do this. sorry
we will drop a Peek, battery, charger in the envelope. About 0.5 lbs
we'll post some tools and code
you'll need to get a flashing cable (important and non-trivial)
use as the hub for the community

If you already sent a prepaid label, great. We have it. If you give up at some point or don't get a Peek soon, you can just cancel the label and get a refund from the carrier you used.

We are going to go through every email with an attachment by hand and look at it. If there is reason to think the person who sent it is not skilled enough, we won't send you a Peek. Sorry but there aren't enough. So please include specifics on your background.

That's it. Happy Peeking,

Amol from Peek



Who Do I Contact And How?, Im Interested?



Instead of just quoting a blurb you read about on a news site, why don't you chase down an interview that describes the difficulties he encountered in trying to bring a new mobile device to market? Or is that too much like working journalism?



I am really keen on the idea and have already sent an email to see whats up. I would love to see what I could do to streamline the OS or even port another into it.

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