PCI Express 3.0 Hits Setback, Products Delayed Until 2011



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digital demon

I was going to say the same thing. Why is it even necessary? Games don't even saturate a PCI-E 1.0 bus. Why the hell do we need 3.0?

 i guess I should know why...to sell more hardware. Nothing like a shiny new slot and buzzword to make people rush to Newegg the day it's released.



Anyone else feel like it would be ok if PCI express 3 broke compatability? Name it something else maybe but come one, these days the bulk of new mobo's/cpu's/high end cards are going to be purchased by enthusiasts willing to make an all at once sacrifice during the upgrade.

Most new computers will just use integrated and the users will be mostly happy with that. If they end up wanting to install a video card they can go buy a new gen PCI3 one. 

I dont know about the rest of you but I feel kinda off about putting hardware more than 2-3 years old into a modern machine, with lower heat dissipation and power efficiency (and in the case of video cards DX specs for new games) always improving I'd hate to use an old card when new generation stuff gets cheap so fast.

Yeah yeah there will be some Ethernet and RAID card problems, but most of that is on systems that were designed to become legacy anyways.



Not that even todays graphics cards use pci-e 2.0 bandwith.



I'm all for PCIE 3.0, then if you run SLI / Crossfire and it splits lanes to 8x / 8x your get the same bandwidth of PCIE 2.0 with 16 lanes.  Ever think of that?

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