PCGA President: SecuROM Parent Company on Our Side Now



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Righteous Fury

Boy, do I smell a rat...

It's all too obvious that everyone is jumping ship due to the innovation of others like Steam and Stardock which will put SecuRom and its ilk OUT OF BUSINESS. And to say that the very company that was being targeted is no longer one of the bad guys just because he's willing to pay you some dues... please. Maybe if this was MaximumMac you'd find some here willing to believe this, but this is MaxPC, so good luck.



Also, they should get people who download, and upload, not just upload, have the downloader prove it's a legal copy.

*Excuse the accidental double post, wireless connection timed out so i pressed post again when it restored, it had already sent the post.



One thing i wish would stay is the ability to download the ISO's for games, i have in the past lost discs, or they got damaged beyond repair. Therein leaving me with a choice, buy the product again, or move on (this was before i learned of downloading it, and mounting ISO's from gamecopyworld, with the help of a virtual drive) Also being able to mount ISO's on multiple virtual drives, makes games more available, for example going to play one game, and then another, which would require swapping discs, easier yet, to have them both mounted on a virtual drive. The thing is, and this is what would get any torrent site off the hook, is that they have no control over what people use it for, but they do support it for the legal reason.

I don't like Microsoft, I associate with it.



If they finally find a way to stop piracy, I'm gonna laugh my ass off as the industry starts scratching its head wondering why hardware sales and high tier brandband subscriptions start dropping. Of course, I suppose there are more things to do with top tier broadband than just GAME piracy.

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