PC Vendors Note Weak Demand in LCD Monitor Market



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They have to start bringing out better LCD monitors at a better price point to get the market going again.  Bring out a 30" IPS panel that does 2560 x 1600 with LED backlighting for about $400 then you would see people purchasing again.  What is really frustrating is the 16:9 format instead of the 16:10 format screen.  Whoever thought it was a good idea to reduce the vertical resolution on monitors so that they become a 16:9 format should be shot.  Monitors are not TV's. Another annoying trend is the lack of Vesa mounts and thick bezels.  Start reducing those bezel sizes and putting vesa mounts on and you improve the appeal of setting up multi monitor setups.




For whatever reason they're giving, good monitors are hard to find. Seems like you either have to dole out $400+ for a good monitor. I want IPS. I want at least 1920x1200, not 1920x1080. I want a fully adjustable monitor stand. And keep the speakers.

I've been on the lookout to replace my SyncMaster 940T, but nothing has really looked like it was worth it. And as long as my monitor works, I'm not pressed to buy another one.



The previous person said, it could be that the monitors are outlasting pc's. I got my HP monitor awhile back and I have no problems with it. I don't plan on buying another until my current one heads south.



or it could simply be that a good monitor will outlast most PC's.  I plan on building myself a new system in like 2 years or whenever octo core desktop chips become available.  As long as they are still working i dont plan on replacing my 2408 WFP's any time soon.


Talcum X

Your monitor is the one component that is least likely to be replaced over the years.  People hold onto them longer than any other component.  I still have my 1996 17" Hitachi.  It's just now showing signs of it's age and will have to be replaced sometime soon.  And it will once I have the money to build a new rig. (hopefully soon)



i just bought parts to build my first coputer and since all my previous ones were laptops and i was on a buget i got a 16" $85 one. my pc isnt maximum compared to most but itll be the best i ever had (even with integrated graphics) although ill miss wifi (i maxed my buget on the mobo so i couldnt splurge for the $10 dongle) the built in ethernet should work ok

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