PC Sales Fell Sharply During the Holiday Season, Shocking Microsoft



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Making a big flop by investing in Vista's developement does not mean Microsoft should continue to promote it simply because they've already made it.  They are not making as much money doing this as they could be by continuing to support XP.

If Ballmer wasn't so short sited and incompetent he'd be getting his developers and marketers working on "XP Platinum edition".  A more powerful version of XP, incorporating a conservative amount of only the most essential Vista features into it, and the addition of directX 10.

Vista was tarnished at launch and no matter how much they have polished it since, they are foolish to think the public is going to forget about it.  They should just be going with what makes them the most money at the moment.



I guess the lesson is that Microsoft doesn't know their shit and can't be trusted. What else is new?




I don't think anybody reading this is any bit surprised. As previous posters have outlined, the economy is in deep shit, jobs are being cut, and so on. If any major corporation has enough momentum left to stay afloat, it's the huge corporate behemoths that have enough financial anchorage to stay grounded. (Of course I'm talking about Microsoft, but hey, everyone gets a little disconnected now and then.) Expecting a profitable turnout in times like this isn't insane, but expecting one within Microsoft's and Sony's margins are just a little fucking nuts. Considering the fiascos surrounding the PS3 and Vista in conjunction with the horrible economy, it'll be fun to watch these two bicker about who's better. Oh, hell. Who am I kidding? We're already past round one!



The economy's in the crapper, companies are going out of business, people are losing jobs left and right, states are cutting back their budgets, MS is doing its best to get beyond Vista, cats and dogs living together, it's total anarchy!  And Microsoft expects a 10% growth in the 4'th quarter...  I think someone's a bit disconnected with reality there...



You realize it's not Microsoft's fault that OS'es are bloated? It's the systems' manufactuer's faults for putting a bunch of software on the system. If you build it yourself, I can easily see a $600 PC outperforming an XboX. You might say it's more expensive, but then again it can do a ton of more stuff as well (web browsing, photo/vid editing, google) like the other poster said.



i don't 
know if you know this but the xbox, and zune portion of MS is one of
their departments that is actually making money, and i don't think
that the xbox is killing windows. Just because a xbox "can"
out run a pc like u say does not mean that it is stopping sales of
windows. You cant edit photos, movies, torrents stuff, surf the Internet,
ect on the xbox. So i think it is kind of crazy to say that the xbox
is the downfall of windows, and wouldn't you, if in charge of a
company pump more money into some that is bring back money?


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