PC Prices to Climb for First Time in 6 Years



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Well I wish them well on that, with quality down and unemployment up I'm not going to pay anymore. You know when are they going to figure out that it's the consumer that decides and right now the consumers need jobs not a national corporate lockout. 


I Jedi

I'm sorry, were you expecting that hardware would stay down forever? Sure, whenever there isn't a high-demand, prices go down, but with the economy the sucks, and the industry shifting in a lot of areas...I must admit that this comes at an incovienent time, even for me, as I am getting ready to build a new PC in the coming months.



I expect current hardware to remain low and newer (more advanced) hardware to be more expensive. The video card market is the perfect example. So to answer your question yes for current hardware, no for newer faster hardware.

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