PC Power & Cooling Releases Silencer 910 PSU



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 Why is the line ending if so many like it?


"There's no time like the future."



it's not necessarily "ending even though people like it", technology changes and eventually the standard that it's based upon must inherently change and evolve.


People liked the x86 platform, and still do, but its days are seriously numbered and the dawn of the x64 is only seeing the sun rise higher in the sky. People were elated with the advent of CD-ROM because it was so superrior to 3.5 floppys, but at this point I find myself grumbling how "small" DVD-R DL's are for archiving purposes, and even feel that BR-R discs would be woefully inadequate based upon their still rediculous price point. (and even in that case their practicality for archiving purposes is not really 'there')


Something better, different, or simply designed around and for a new methodology is bound to come out, and the old archetecture is eventually abandoned if it can't be continued. Perhaps the moniker will be reassigned to a new line or what have you, but by todays standard at least it is plenty sufficient to contend, and paired up it's arguably the preferable option to many single PS options of comparable capability.



I've been using the silencer 750 for quite a while. Great PSU.



I use have used their Silencer line since i started buliding/fixing computers, are you saying this is going to be the last one? or just the last of that particular PSU?




John Boy is the Bomb.com!!!



I've also got the reddish/orangish Silencer 750 in my computer.  The thing is rock solid, very very quiet.  I've used PC Power and Cooling PSU's for a number of years and while they are more expensive than most others, you get a really quality built PSU for your money.


Sault Saint

"How quiet is this sucker?"

 I have a red Silencer 750, which I got for a steal off of Newegg.ca at 110 bucks Canadian after rebates...and after I hooked all my new components up...I couldn't even tell that this PSU was running.  It's called 'Silencer' for a reason.  You honestly won't hear it running at all.

Nice to see an updated revision of this series, though I'm sad to see it'll be the last one.

Well done, PC P&C..well done.



Probably won't need a 910w PSU but have always used PC P & C PSUs since recommended back when MaxPC was BOOT and still have 2 350w PSUs that work but have been replaced only because MBs and video cards upgrades required it. Solid product that has always been very dependable.



$230 for what is a tiny hair shy of a 1kw power supply, especially one by PCP&C is arguably a bargain!


Their silencer series is without question among the best power supply lines around, both for quality and functionality. To give you an idea, many so-called power supply producers have PCP&C make their power supplies for them!


While I have no first-hand experience with this particular model, PCP&C's reputation preceeds them and I'd be confident that it's easily on par with competitor's equivalents if not markedly superior.



I use SeaSonic myself, but the $230 price tag is worth it by far (on both these and SeaSonic models), the psu is the most underrated part of a pc in my opinion, buy one cheap, you'll regret it later.



Too rich for my blood. So, how quiet is this sucker?



Accidental second post.



Thats one sweet PSU.

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