PC Power & Cooling Releases a UPS



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I know a UPS is not exactly one of the parts an MPC reader would want to see reviewed, but I've been looking for a 1500VA UPS for a good price.  I've wanted to get the APC 1500VA UPS, but it stays around $200.  Plus, this article said this PCP&C UPS is the first sub $300 high output UPS to use a pure sine wave, so makes me think forking out a little extra for better power wouldn't be such a bad thing; however, before I spend that much on a UPS, I would love to see MPC do a small review.  Test it out and such, see if it handles black outs and brown outs as well as I hope.  Their software could also be tested out to see how well it works with XP/Vista/Win7 (or whatever it's compatible with).

I've heard a lot of good things about the APC UPS and a lot of bad things about other cheaper high powered UPS's, so I would love to see this get reviewed by a website I know I can trust.  I've heard some UPS's not even kicking on in time to stop the computer from losing power, what good is a UPS if your computer loses power, then it kicks on.  Anyway, just hoping to see it in the review section, thanks MPC.

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