PC Makers Announce Fermi Compatible Machines



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We have to wait for a driver update at this point. I've searched many benchmarks so far, most of them differing greatly. Guru3D puts a single GTX 480 against a 5970, and it can very nearly keep up, but HardOCP shows a much different story.

Another point to consider is resolution. I game at 1920x1080, which I just started doing with an MS238 (great monitor), but almost all benchmarks are done at a higher res than that,and I think the 480 might be overkill, but almost nobody has tested the 470s in SLI yet.

Once a driver update rolls out (within a month, I guarantee you), I'm sure they'll get better scores. Also, they will come out with the full 512 shader version, so it may be worth saving for that. :)



I'm thinking of getting a 470 if I manage to get enough money. It's time to upgrade from my 8800GTX.



I wonder how much it'll cost for someone to recreate these builds themselves.  Would the difference in cost be large or small?



 I have two gtx 280's and I am happy with them.



NO. I do not plan on buying one because I am currently satisfied with my 5870. Price point? Well, it would have to be cheaper than my current card, but nVidia can't seem to get the price to performance ratio in check. Besides, I live in Florida and it's already hot enough. I don't need extra heat filling my house.



Nutcracklng snack

i spent years chacing the bench mark and i now have a x2 3600 with a single 4650 and it will run every thing i want to play so from now on yall will have to keep ati and nvidia in buisnes 

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