PC Gaming Alliance Loses Activision’s Support, Gains… SecuROM?



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Righteous Fury

It's just like what happened to D&D... people no longer wanted to have to think for themselves, so they dumbed down the game... damn shame, too.

 Hey PC Gaming Alliance... keep this up and all you'll be hearing from us gamers is "Go F**K yourselves!"


I Jedi

Its dying because most gamers can't comprehend how to build a good rig for their PC, so they go to other means, like the Xbox, Wii, PS3, etc... Its dying because gaming industries REFUSE to go to a standard for the PC, so they make their games so incredibly advanced that even the enthusiast PCs out there have trouble with them after awhile... Without standards for the PC, its a massacre. 



If you standardize PC hardware much more than it is... then you stifle inovation and progress.



And they wonder why the platform is "dying".

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