PC Gaming Alive and Thriving, No Slowdowns in Sight



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Unfortunately it hasn't stopped some top pc gamemakers from going belly up. As the games get more elaborate and complicated, the cost of development goes up, but I don't think anyone's ready to start forking over a hundred bucks or more for a pc game title



This isn't surprising at all to me, from recent experience(s) I've had with the xbox360 & xboxlive.  360 titles seem to go to "abandonware" 5-10x faster.

It's a terrible shame that Publishers & game design studios continue to have trouble.  (Guess what ---except for bankers, surgeons, lawyers, & insurance --everyone else is having trouble, too.)

I continue to believe that the software industry's problem is the quality of their product & their conception of their audience --not piracy.   (kinda like the 2008 American auto industry)

 I also think the publishers' executives work on a similar over-the-top pay/compensation & promotion models as Music Publishers and other Media companies...

As far as I'm concerned, these last two are why WW is massively over-priced, for what I get from the game.  I just can't figure why the first price-point "plateau," in on-line gaming --after Free-- is $10/month...   

I could be absolutely, totally wrong here... but the $50/title I'm NOT paying for software that I'm NOT playing, stealing, pirating, NOR illegally distributing ---it's just not bothering me.  

Not selling me stuff is a growth industry.





This is speculation of the worst type. This is basically the "If you build it, they will come." Theory. What the article is trying to tell you is, If we spend enough money on high end pc components, then the gaming industry will reward us with great games. You and I both know that this is a bunch of BS. The gaming industry doesn't care how much the world is spending on computer parts, they care about the bottom line. And the bottom line folks, is "How much money can I make with the least amount of effort?"

We used to have a split in the gaming industry. There were primarily console game designers, and there were pc game designers. Occasionally there would be a port from one platform to the other, and companies like EA played both sides of the field. But the PC designers made cutting edge games for PC, and console designers worked to push the current console tech as hard as they could. Somewhere between the xbox and ps3 PC game designers said "why do we work twice as hard on our games and make a quarter of the money off of them?" They realized what a cash cow they were missing out on. And they stopped designing PC games. They started designing console games that you can play on PC. As the cash came rolling in they have slowly gotten less and less interested in the pc side of things. As long as they get the console titles out there the money flows, they will finish the pc version when they get around to it.

I hate to say it, but I don't see this changing any time soon. For us, gaming is entertainment, its a passion. For the creators, its business. And in business money talks. So don't think for a second that just because we are spending more money on pc components that its going to turn the pc gaming industry around. The only thing that will do that is console makers waiting too long to bring out the next new system, or a revolutionary game designer to prove that money can be made in PC gaming outside the world of MMOs and subscription services. Maybe then  then games will be designed for pc THEN dumbed down and ported to consoles instead of the other way around. But until then, it will always be easier to make a game with performance to match a console and port it to a more powerful system than it would be to make it for a pc and port it to a less powerful system.


I Jedi

There are always going to be a ton of PC gamers out there, me included; however, PC game studios are throwing in the towel, in a lot of cases, and headed over to the console systems instead. The problem with PC gaming is and will always be that its easier to steal pirated copies for the PC than it is for the Xbox, PS3, or Wii. I'm a firm believer, though, that the best solution to this problem, for now, is the Steam platform system. A fair DRM, always available, and tons of content being added all the time. You will always have those who say,"PC gaming is done for." but I have heard the end for years and still it has yet to come.



This is why I build my Pc

Console is stuck with the hardware that comes out with it LOL

Crysis 2 around the corner in 2010 plus new videocards that support DX11



Isn't anybody else concerned about the small child eating the desk in the corner of the picture? That old lady better watch it!



definetly world of warcraft


don't turn this into a flame war just because of a picture, It's a fun game.



All hail the glorious PC gaming master race.


Mighty BOB!




yay ! I'm glad to hear PC Gamer is regaining popularity :)

Now its time to bring down the console gamers :)  who;s with me ?  



I couldn't care less what the console gamers do. All I ask is they stop ruining PC releases.



i think she's playing guild wars. just a hunch.



 no i reconize the screen

a half naked night elf female

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