With PC Business in Tow, What's Next for HP?



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I'm glad that HP is staying in it.  Most of my PCs are modded HPs.  Buying their high end CPU with onboard GPU desktops are a great bargain.  Their "Quick Ship" models are usually better deals.

Anyways, I was ready to go with Asus if HP were to bail.




Put out a revamped touchsmart laptop!  Please?



Yeah, I'm glad that Whitman at least had enough sense to stop the spin off.  When you're the #1 PC supplier in the world you don't spin off that part of the business.  Even Michael Dell said it was a dumb idea, and his company would probably have benefitted a little bit had HP's PC business been spun off.



What is it with whacko CEOs and these insane business decisions? Did they stop teaching sound business practice in universities, or have those multi-million dollar salaries detached these fools from reality and convinced them all that they are no longer mortal, but gods, and that any decision they make--no matter how ludicrous--is bound to succeed by shear force of will?

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