Patriot SSD Photocopies Page out of VelociRaptor Handbook



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Hi... that was great stuff.. I really like reading on this subject but check out this stuff too......Photocopiers



man who cares about SSD's i realize this is maximum pc , but ssd's are not affordable enough to even mess with for the size you get . really whats the largest ssd drive right not publicly available right now 128 gig woo who. YAWN!!  someone wake me up when things get interesting.



How much space do you need for your main drive??

Just put your OS and apps on an SSD and get a normal drive for data and backup.



It's not like it's anything new.

Hell, I remember buying 3.5 inch retail hard drives that came with adapters to fit in 5 inch bays.  Not exactly a new idea.



i think this is a no brainer, and i bet all companies will soon follow suit. just kind of surprised patriot lead the way.



Indeed, i think you're correct. However, one concern about this SSD bracket deal...what's the point? As the article stated, and we all have official proof if you own a flash card or usb flash drive, that they do not heat, and if they do, it's not enough to make a difference. Really all this says to me is that they want to market to those who are anal retentive about cooling, to a point where if the object changes by like 2 degress, they want to prevent that. Only time one of those would get heated enough to display an issue, would be if it's right on top of a normal hd, or above some other heated component (psu, video card, cpu, optical drive, etc)



i dotn think heat disipation is the point of the bracket (that's just a bonus) its main use is so the notebook sized 2.5 can fit in a standard 3.5 without a hassle

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