Patriot Showcases Blazing 40-SSD Rig at CeBit



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Sebie Kay

I wonder if anyone has tried to crash this thing by overloading it with opening/closing as many programs as possible? On another note, since SSD drives have a way of slowing down a little over time, would the sluggish effect on each drive have a cumulative effect on the whole system, or would the fact that there are so many drives negate the lapse in speed?

What is amazing is that we think this thing is a technological marvel. But in 15 to 20 years, we will have this kind of computing power in the palm of our hand, in the form of whatever combination device replaces the smart phone/iPhone of today (maybe a computer you wear on your arm that has a 3d holographic display?  That would be cool!) 

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Keith E. Whisman

In the future you will be able to purchase a Micro Secure Digital High Capacity card that will make this rig look slow and archaic and you'll use that memory card for you Motorola Razor 10,000.1 powered by MS Apple Android Ver 6Million.



So... If that's right that makes that faster than the RAM in my best friends old gaming pc! (single channel 667mhz DDR2) so sign me up for a page file!

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i was at cebit yesterday and found this rig 2 ;)

they did run a program to test speed, which said what you can find at this pic ;)

 i dunno the program, but compared to the "24x Samsung SSD-video" (where they could achieve 2 gb/s ) this patriot rig would do 150 gb/s?? is that right? it can't be^^


Keith E. Whisman

What graphics card does it have? Looks like a cheap graphics card so it'll load crisis in .000001seconds but it'll play at 2FPS.


But just to point out that I'm not hating after this thing, I am typing with just one hand.  



Probably true, but that's completely beside the point as this system was never built with gaming as its intended purpose. So I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that their response would be "Who cares?"

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You talk about your cable management nightmares...

 So, I predict within 5 years we'll have this kind of speed from one drive, maybe 2.  Just a guess... 



8GB/s?! this is like a NAS box times a bajillion, on steroids. combine 10 TB of storage with 8gb/s write speeds, and i think i could have some fun. it would take (excuse me if i'm wrong) about 21 minutes and 20 seconds to fill these drives to the brim. imagine one of these with 40 1TB SSDs instead of these "measly" 256 GB drives.

 i hate to say this, but in the words of annonymous,

"Yesh, but can it run Crysis?"



Or 40 100TB drives.



"The system is capable of making a duplicate copy of a "Blu-ray rip" on the 40-drive SSD array in a blistering fast 0.9 seconds."

Quoting a misquote?  Come on. 


Ryan Whitwam

I pointed out that it didn't make sense. I also speculated on an explanation. I suggest you take it up with Patriot ;)



Fair enough. ;p

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