Patriot Memory Releases Viper 3 RAM for Power Users



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very nice. i always liked patriot better then g skill myself, there uselly cheaper for about the same. got my 2x4gb kit of patroit sector 5 1600mhz for just $30 ;)



What exactly are the benefits of faster ram, I get confused between the role of RAM and CPU. How will higher and faster (timings) ram speeds affect my gaming, and boinc activities?



it depends on the system and what your doing. gaming, almost no effect unless your useing an amd a series or fx proc (the i-gpu is bandwidth hungry, and a dual core bulldozer mod is bottlenecked by having the pipe lines of a single core) however in apps like photoshop, bandwidth does tend to have a big impact. that said, the impoved performance is uselly in the removel of a bottleneck and as a result you may see a 'point of dimishing returns' after 1600-1866 mhz



I bought a Patriot flash drive and they hoe'd me on the rebate. Never buying anything from them again. Yeah, bet them saving that $10 was totally worth it huh?



Dude, the entire rebate system sucks industry wide. It isn't just Patriot. They all use 3rd party companies to process claims and if one bit of information is wrong it is denied. The reason why it usually takes so long to receive a rebate is because they want the money to sit in a bank account for as long as possible so they could get the most interest on it possible. It is what it is.



I've got to agree with kleinkinstein here. I switched to G.Skill for a 2x4gb kit and am loving it. I plan to double that to 8gb in a month or two and haven't considered Patriot in a while really.
I've got to say though, I do like the options and color schemes the provide. I'm a color aesthetic person, and like my color scheme to match with components whenever possible. I'd take the blue set here, if I had to pick. Having different options like this hopefully takes more of a trend with other brands. I'm not concerned about a low-power performance PC right now, BUT when I move to making my HTPC, i'd definitely add the green eco-friendly version here to my list of options. I know there are others out there, but I think these are worth a look and some consideration. Maybe some reviews on how well they compare to other eco-modules would help set them in a place in the market. What are their timings, power draw... price?



What defines "green" RAM? The color of it? The manufacturing process? After all, RAM only uses a few watts in the first place...

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