Patriot Launches Low Capacity Torqx TRB Series SSDs



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CAN you run Windows 7 with a 20GB harddrive? Well in the same way you "CAN" ride a bicycle to China, yes, absolutely, but as they say on the internet, WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT?!?!?!

I had one job with around 100 desktops and a few servers, and one of the desktops had a 80GB hard drive that was (for reasons that remain unknown) partitioned as 20 and 60, with the 20 being the boot and system partitions. Even running on XP, the 20GB partition was a huge pain in the behind to manage. We had to spend extra time every week making sure everything was installed on the second 60GB partition and constantly run disk cleanup just to keep the primary from maxing out (I'm not allowed to say why we couldn't just blow away the MBR and reload everything). Trust me, you can't run a computer, Linux, 7, XP, freaking 98, anything, without a decently sized primary system partitions unless you want to baby-sit the bastard like it's made of nitroglycerin.


Talcum X

Until they all have fast contolers / ram and use the new SATA 3 interface.  Need to get the write speeds up closer to the read speeds.



120gb is as small as I would go.

Have you guys seen those angelbird cards? The pci add ins that will raid up to 4 SSD?

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