Patriot Decks Out SSD with Double the Cache



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If this drive is still based on the old JMicron controller I think I'll pass. Although increased cache will reduce stuttering, it will not eliminate it. Once you move enough data to fill up that 128MB it will stutter just like the old drives. Not to mention that the jmicron random read and write times are still horrible, even on their new controllers. If you want speeds that blow raptor drives out of the water with 0 stutter, stick with an intel drive or something with a barefoot controller. So far the newest samsung controller looks decent also, but still not as good as the intel or barefoot.



I want and need more cache...right into my bank account!!!



Add at least 4GB of Cache and a Supercapacitor to gurantee writing all 4GB to Flash when the power goes out!

THAT would be FAST!

Your UPS won't do you any good if your power supply dies or if the power plug to the Drive is defective or loose but a supercap big enough to write the entire contents of Cache to Flash is just what the Mad Scientist Ordered!

This would guarantee that at least 4GB of Data could be handled at the speed of RAM which is hundreds of times faster that flash!

The idea here is that the Cache should be big enough to handle anything you need to do as if it were a RamDrive and still write the Data to Flash for permanent storage.

Untill we can buy Ram that retains data without power or Flash that is as fast as Ram, This is the Future !

Now if we could just convince Hard Drive and SSD manufacturers to add a READ ONLY Switch to our Drives, we wouldnt have to worry about Viruses and Spyware when our drives become Full with our Precious Data!

WD and Seagate both responded that Read Only Switches would prevent our software from functioning correctly and prevent automatic updating of our software!


Our DATA DRIVES that are FULL and need no updates need REAL Protection!  Not a worthless promise to protect our Data with More worthless Software!  

Happy Birthday Nicola Tesla

from one Mad Scientist to Another 



Sorry, but I dont remember the last time the pictures from uncle jessies wedding had a virus. Locking a drive that you are only using for file storage isn't going to do jack. Its your system drives that get infected. If you are paranoid about losing your precious saved files, just keep them on flash.



And you should be Sorry!

Your Portable drive will not be safe if you plug in in over at your Uncles house

and what would it cost you to store 2TB of Data on Flash?

You are Completely missing the point!

My System Drive is easily protected by products such as Driveshield, Smartshield, CenturionGuard and Compuguard that essentially make your system drive read only by writing Temp files to a sandboxed area and deleting them on reboot!

This won't work on a portable drive at your Uncles house however!

Making excuses for incompetent drive manufacturers makes you look as silly as they do!

I would gladly pay an extra 20 cents for a hard drive that has a read only switch and you will probably make excuses as to why the newest worm deleted all your precious data!




I think you missed your own point. A read only switch is not
driveshield or anything else. On a system drive you would be screwed.
Use your brain a little before flying off the handle. If you are using
removeable media as backup you don't take it to your unlces house and let his computer muck it up now do you? Now, if you have to make sure your two TB is safe then use driveshield or any other software you want. You don't need a switch to lock a hard drive. What is this the 90s? Are we still using floppy disks with little switches on them? How about you up your meds a little, use a protected system drive and different drives for your file storage. Then you can make your drives read only if you want, but it wont matter because it will be your system drive that gets hosed, not your naked pictures of grandma.






Those are the older (original) Torqx SSDs, not the new M28 series with 128MB of cache. As far as I know, the original Torqx don't come equipped with any cache at all.

-Paul Lilly

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