Patches for Zero-Day Adobe Reader, Acrobat Flaws to Arrive this Week



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So other then the "we take whatever default is forced on us" type users who even installs Adobe reader anymore?
There are a lot of better alternatives, even to Acrobat. So why take chances with a product that has new exploits every time you turn around?



why even install these programs? like inviting another stranger in your house - they will invite their own strangers in. google Qualys broswer check, i read it in another article here on maximum pc. its the only way i dont have to have F***ING update applications running on my netbook. they are unfortunate to not have their own app though. :(



god damnit! they haven't had a patch for it yet. this is Qualys message: "The latest version of this plugin has a known critical vulnerability, but there is no fix available yet from the vendor. Please exercise CAUTION when using the plugin. You can check back periodically and Qualys BrowserCheck will advise you when the vendor delivers a fixed version."

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