Patch Tuesday Update Breaks ZoneAlarm on Windows XP - Updated!



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Black Falcon

I just turned the firewall level down from high to medium and it let me back online.



I knew it was ZA (after my daughter's Mac was able to get online) but I didn't know the update was the culprit. Interestingly, I still could not connect to the 'net in safe mode. I could only connect by shutting off ZA in normal mode. Meanwhile, at my job, we are getting high call volume because customers think it's us not software issue.



I had the same problem-instant loss of internet connectivity.  I used System Restore to quickly undo whatever was done and got back to where I was a day earlier.  After an episode like this, I am glad not to have automatic updates turned on-who knows how many people wondered what happened to their internet connection???



Somebody forgot to mention this fix breaks Win2K as well.  Setting the Internet Zone Security slider Medium revives Win2K.



I'm no Microsoft fanboy, but maybe Zone Alarm may have caused part of the problem?  ZA completely borked my AMD XP Windows install about a year ago when ZA pushed an update.  ZA software goes so deep into the inner workings of windows at the system level, I couldn't even uninstall ZA adequately so it would save the Windows install.  I spent about 20 hours rebuilding. (Now I have Acronis to prevent a similar debacle).

I found out on some forums that a small percentage of other Asus AMD 939 board owners had similar problems, and ZA acknowledged they had a problem after a few weeks of hearing from very pissed off people. Their suggested "fix" did nothing.

ZA never did come up with an adequate solution,  so I stopped using their software.  I don't trust their programming prowess anymore.



We've gotten a lot of complaints about ZoneAlarm 8 from readers. It seems to not behave well with quite a few other applications. We'll have to retest and reevaluate our recommendations of their products.



I was folding and waiting for the current work unit to finish before I installed all the fixes that microsoft notified me of.  I think I will download the new version on ZA then install the patches and see what happens.



Killed my ZoneAlarm also, switched to Sygate Personal Firewall and I like it quite a bit better than ZA, and I've been a ZA user for the last two years!



-I've tried it and it does in fact work correctly now.



ha... ha... ha... i thought the update might be the culprit.  having little patience, my partner and i uninstalled zonealarm and switched to comodo yesterday... ah, well.  gave us a reason to watch the south park 'overlogging' episode again...



thanks for helping me fix the internet on my pc!



I spent a good half-day arguing with my ISP over this problem.  It doesn't actually kill "all net functions," as I was able to ping my Gateway, DNS servers, and any other IP address out there.  I knew it must have been an update problem because I was working fine this morning.....then came 4 security updates.....afterward, no internet.  But I didn't know it was a ZoneAlarm problem until I fired up my laptop, which doesn't have ZoneAlarm on worked just fine.  Until there's a definite fix for this issue (which will never come from Redmond....we'll have to get it from Zone Labs), I've simply uninstalled ZoneAlarm and re-enabled the craptacular Windows Firewall.



In my ZA settings, I have everything logged and I also have it set to alert me everything odd it encounters by setting the "Alerts Events Shown" to high under Alerts and Logs. It might be annoying to some people, but I'd prefer to be bothered by every insignificant thing it encounters.

This is a pretty widespread problem, I wonder who is to blame...



This happened to me as well. I sat there rebooting, resetting, and unplugging everything. It never occurred to me it might be ZoneAlarm.



I was wondering which update I installed today borked my connection.


Pentium 0

Do you ever get the feeling microsoft might be doing bad stuff to Xp on purpose...?

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