Partners Announced for Windows Phone Marketplace



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The lack of distribution support by Microsoft for third party developers is the real reason you won't find your 10,000 ZuneHD apps out there.

 After developing for pen-based devices for over 17 years, I have no need to code for the ZuneHD just for the fun of it.

If they would provide the distribution method for apps on the the Zune HD, along with an app certification/revenue process... I would start tomorrow.  As a whole, app availability would grow, the end-user app-fetish would be satisfied and they would be able to convice hardware developers and distribution channels to carry more HD peripherals.  Every time I go into an electronics department of any store I find a dozen or so Ipod docks, and not a single Zune dock.  It is so bad that the blue shirts at Best Buy cut down the Zune because there are no high-profit add-ons for the Zune, like there is for the Ipod.

My sons and I own three Zune HD's.  We love them for music... but my son's complain that they can't find apps to purchase, like their friends can on an Ipod.

And to those of you who love the Zune HD for it's music/UI capabilities... goody for you... but Microsoft will never have numbers comparable to Apple's if they don't provide distribution/revenue tools for developers.... and not *just* to a small select, hand-picked development houses.



Well, Windows Phone 7 seems to keep the weird Dutch angle screensaver from the Zune HD. 

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I'm not one of those ZuneHD whiners who constantly complain about the lack of apps but I'm a little disappointed MS wasn't "busy rounding up partners" for the ZuneHD launch. Still only a handful of apps.

I use my Zune to listen to music and watch videos (suprise) so I don't really care, but a LOT of people out there (based on the constant complaining on Face Book and Zune forums) pray every night that their ZuneHD will some day be an iPod Touch killer with 100,000 apps.

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